Mathias Poulsen

Play Activist & Researcher @ Designskolen Kolding

PhD defence materials

On April 9th 2024, I had my PhD ‘defence’ (which I insisted was not actually a defence, but more like a ‘campfire conversation’), where I presented my PhD project, ‘The Junk Playground as Agora: Designing for Playful Democratic Frictions’, to the committee and all the lovely people in the room. It was an intense, but wonderful day in amazing company.

My committee consisted of the following brilliant, generous people, who all brought insightful and thought-provoking questions to the table:

Professor Stacy Holman Jones, Monash University

Associate professor Sonia Bussu, University of Birmingham

Associate professor, Canan Akoglu, Design School Kolding

Here you can watch a recording of my presentation from the PhD defence (recorded in Zoom):

Below, you can see (if you’re on a computer) or download (as pdf files) my slides and manuscript:


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