I’m Mathias & I want to take part in making the world a more playful place, where people engage with each other in creative and respectful ways.

In “It’s not about the games” I describe a part of what I want to do, so read that if you want to know more.

I’m constantly working on CounterPlay, a festival of play and games, in Aarhus, Denmark.

I’m not very good at smalltalking or networking, but I love meaningful conversations with passionate people, and would generally appreciate your input.



My blog:

Anything is possible

I’m stubbornly idealistic with a pinch of naivety. Surprisingly enough (at least to me), the older I get, the more I insist on pushing this to the forefront. When I was younger, I would tend to hide it away in some misguided attempt to be as society seemingly...

It’s not about the games.

I’ve made myself known to people as somebody very interested in games (in a learning perspective, but – hopefully – also in general). That’s fine. I love games. Despite this fascination, I’ve felt an ever increasing concern over the past...