I cry, I hope

Over the past years, I have become increasingly attentive to my own affective responses to things, all things, every thing. I am in the world, flesh and all, something happens, and I am moved, affected. I don’t know quite how to talk about this (affect theory is still quite puzzling to me), but I try.… Continue reading I cry, I hope

There Will Come Soft Rains

Just as the rain started to fall softly, almost cautiously, after a month of warm, dry weather, I stumbled upon a poem by Sara Teasdale, “There Will Come Soft Rains” (thanks Rikke for sharing!), and while apparently it’s written at the end of WWI in 1918, it feels strikingly timely: There will come soft rains… Continue reading There Will Come Soft Rains

A Trembling World

I was visiting a local artist one day, where we talked about the inadequacies of Enlightenment ideals, the myth of the disembodied (yet distinctly male), autonomous individual and all that. She said: “Those ideals, they will soon die. Everything is trembling, almost falling over. Can’t you feel it?” Yes, I replied. I feel it, too.… Continue reading A Trembling World

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Doing Democracy Otherwise

This was not meant to be shared, it was just something I had to get out of my system, to clear my thoughts, but now I put it here (as the joke goes, this is exactly the place to put things to avoid people reading it). It’s hastily written and polemic, no references, no nothing,… Continue reading Doing Democracy Otherwise

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A letter to me

In this journey of transformation and becoming that I have embarked on with the PhD, writing has been one my biggest blessings – and one of my most painful curses. I love writing so much that my world almost falls apart when I suddenly can’t write. Then I spend hours and days just staring at… Continue reading A letter to me

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Democracy & design – fruitful tensions?

It’s funny. When I’m at work, surrounded by skilled designers and talented design students, I feel a little bit like an imposter, because I am not trained as a designer. Then, when I’m among democracy scholars and political scientists, as I have recently been at the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) workshop “Democratic Assemblage:… Continue reading Democracy & design – fruitful tensions?

Facing Privilege

I just read Aaron Trammell’s new book, “Repairing Play – A Black Phenomenology“, and it’s a fascinating, compelling and important book that questions a lot of the assumptions about play we have come to take for granted. Trammell makes a stark critique of Huizinga’s proposal of play as a civilizing agent, of play as something… Continue reading Facing Privilege

Escaping Western Modernity

A PhD project is an unruly beast, twisting and turning, taking the novice scholar in many surprising directions (especially, perhaps, if the novice scholar prefers all the twisting and turning over the linear path). As my project has evolved, a suspicion has been growing, making me equal parts uneasy and intrigued. While my design experiments… Continue reading Escaping Western Modernity

Becoming a researcher

This long and rambling post, or essay, maybe, began in Melbourne, as I was sitting on a bench in the vibrant Fitzroy North neighborhood with a cup of coffee and a beautiful pain au chocolat. Spring had arrived properly, I had been there for 3-4 weeks, and so much had happened already, my head and… Continue reading Becoming a researcher

Om deltagelsesmuligheder

I dette indlæg skitserer jeg muligheder for deltagelse i de eksperimenter, jeg kommer til at gennemføre i mit PhD-projekt, Designing for Playful Democratic Participation.