Democracy & design – fruitful tensions?

It’s funny. When I’m at work, surrounded by skilled designers and talented design students, I feel a little bit like an imposter, because I am not trained as a designer. Then, when I’m among democracy scholars and political scientists, as I have recently been at the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) workshop “Democratic Assemblage:… Continue reading Democracy & design – fruitful tensions?

Facing Privilege

I just read Aaron Trammell’s new book, “Repairing Play – A Black Phenomenology“, and it’s a fascinating, compelling and important book that questions a lot of the assumptions about play we have come to take for granted. Trammell makes a stark critique of Huizinga’s proposal of play as a civilizing agent, of play as something… Continue reading Facing Privilege

Escaping Western Modernity

A PhD project is an unruly beast, twisting and turning, taking the novice scholar in many surprising directions (especially, perhaps, if the novice scholar prefers all the twisting and turning over the linear path). As my project has evolved, a suspicion has been growing, making me equal parts uneasy and intrigued. While my design experiments… Continue reading Escaping Western Modernity

Becoming a researcher

This long and rambling post, or essay, maybe, began in Melbourne, as I was sitting on a bench in the vibrant Fitzroy North neighborhood with a cup of coffee and a beautiful pain au chocolat. Spring had arrived properly, I had been there for 3-4 weeks, and so much had happened already, my head and… Continue reading Becoming a researcher

Om deltagelsesmuligheder

I dette indlæg skitserer jeg muligheder for deltagelse i de eksperimenter, jeg kommer til at gennemføre i mit PhD-projekt, Designing for Playful Democratic Participation.

I won’t tell you what to do

The question is never answered, the answer is never complete, it’s a constant journey with no destination. No, we’re not there yet. That’s not something that frustrates me, on the contrary, it sparks my curiosity, keeps me on my toes…right up to the point where I suddenly have to pretend that there is an answer. Or a plan.

Music for Writing

As I’m moving deeper into PhD territory, while working from home in our Covid isolation bubble, I’m slowly trying to develop good habits for writing. I am not a disciplined person and I’m not very good with structure, so starting a new, big project on my own, working in genres (such as a “PhD plan”)… Continue reading Music for Writing

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Drafting an experiment

This document describes an experiment I was planning for an event at Designschool Kolding, the DesignCamp 2021 – “Island Matters – Speculative Fabulations of Possible Futures”. Now the event is online, so I’m working on a different version, but for inspiration, I’ll share the initial draft here. “What if…” First, the “what if” statement for… Continue reading Drafting an experiment

Adults play, too

That title is almost too obvious for me to write, bordering on the plain ridiculous. Of course we do. Even so, I still regularly have to explain that I’m particularly interested in the (sometimes invisible or even ) play of adults. When I founded CounterPlay, I hoped to create a space where adults could meet… Continue reading Adults play, too