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Another adventure

A few years back, I was in Hamburg to run my second marathon. While the actual running ended up being a spectacular failure, it was a wonderful (and painful) experience nonetheless.

One thing in particular stands out.

At the hostel, we met this relatively old man, well into his 70s. He told us that he’d been running marathons for years. Many marathons. More marathons than he could count. I was and is impressed by his determination, which I investigated (in my not very impressive German) to figure out how & why he kept running. His only answer (or the only part of the answer I remember to this day) was:

“Immer ein Abenteuer”.

I try to find adventures everywhere, and I feel like I succeed surprisingly often.

I am self-employed and have been for several years. I mostly juggle with play & games, often in education and sometimes in other contexts. I have a slightly naive dream of a more playful society.