Mathias Poulsen

Play Activist & Researcher @ Designskolen Kolding

Category: PhD

  • Om deltagelsesmuligheder

    I dette indlæg skitserer jeg muligheder for deltagelse i de eksperimenter, jeg kommer til at gennemføre i mit PhD-projekt, Designing for Playful Democratic Participation.

  • Vil du lege med – i et forskningsprojekt om demokratisk deltagelse?

    Jeg er i gang med et PhD-projekt på Designskolen Kolding, hvor jeg undersøger hvordan vi kan designe for nye former for demokratisk deltagelse i det offentlige rum. Måske er det noget for dig?

  • I won’t tell you what to do

    The question is never answered, the answer is never complete, it’s a constant journey with no destination. No, we’re not there yet. That’s not something that frustrates me, on the contrary, it sparks my curiosity, keeps me on my toes…right up to the point where I suddenly have to pretend that there is an answer.…

  • Music for Writing

    As I’m moving deeper into PhD territory, while working from home in our Covid isolation bubble, I’m slowly trying to develop good habits for writing. I am not a disciplined person and I’m not very good with structure, so starting a new, big project on my own, working in genres (such as a “PhD plan”)…

  • Drafting an experiment

    This document describes an experiment I was planning for an event at Designschool Kolding, the DesignCamp 2021 – “Island Matters – Speculative Fabulations of Possible Futures”. Now the event is online, so I’m working on a different version, but for inspiration, I’ll share the initial draft here. “What if…” First, the “what if” statement for…

  • Adults play, too

    That title is almost too obvious for me to write, bordering on the plain ridiculous. Of course we do. Even so, I still regularly have to explain that I’m particularly interested in the (sometimes invisible or even ) play of adults. When I founded CounterPlay, I hoped to create a space where adults could meet…

  • The voice of objects

    The voice of objects

    Let’s talk a bit about objects, materials, artifacts. I decided to narrow my exploration of play as democratic participation down to the arena of “skrammellegepladser”, AKA junk or adventure playgrounds, for a number of reasons. I am particularly motivated by the social, embodied forms of play, where players interact with each other, materials and objects,…

  • Experimenting with experiments

    A new beginning? Today is my first day as PhD student, which feels a bit funny. As Camilla said in the morning when I left, hardly concealing her laughter: “have a nice first day of school” (when we met each other, she had just handed in her own dissertation and now, 9 years later, I’m…