In loving memory…

Commodore 64

Games have been a part of my life for quite some time. To say that I grew up playing games would be fair, as I certainly did toy around with the old Commodore 64 back in the eighties.

Ahh. Great times it was.

Good times produce even better memories, and most of the games were probably not half as good as I recall. I am not one to linger in the past, longing for the good old games, which are ofted claimed to be much better than the games of today. Games can always get better, I agree, but I like so many available games, and I like the diversity. I don’t miss the simple games of the C64, but i remember them with nostalgic delight and pleasure.

Commodore 64 Cassette Recorder

Today I stumbled upon the geekiest video showing just the progress of ABC Turbo on the C64. It consists of a very primitive command prompt and psychedelic colours. Nothing else. But it reminded me of the days spent in front of an old television, often in the company of my father. I was mostly doing the playing, while he was managing the tricky cassette recorder and encouraging his geeky son. In retrospect, he surely also encouraged me to follow a carreer working with games, as I have done. He probably never saw that coming.

Most likely, he wouldn’t have expected me to write about ABC Turbo some twenty years later, but for some reason, I did.

The video probably only makes sense, if you actually played the C64 back in the day.

Well, lean back and get nostalgic: