Do you want to create an amazing green festival?

Are you also curious about how we can find new ways to create better, green solutions and more sustainable ways of living? And are you between 18-30 years old? Then read on! We – Nicolai and Design School Kolding – are looking for young people, who want to help us create a festival and cultivate a community to focus on reuse and sustainability.

We are working towards the Repair and Remake Festival, which takes place at Nicolai in Kolding on Friday, May 27 10-15. The festival will focus on reusing, remaking and repairing existing things as a response to the “use-and-throw-away-culture”. We will also explore, what kind of mindset the necessary transition will require.

We are in the middle of a challenging transition of our entire society and ways of living. There are no easy solutions, but we believe, that there are many possibilities in strong local communities. Together, we can do much more, and we can help each other maintain the hope of better futures.

Can we build and play our way to new green solutions and increased democratic influence? We find inspiration in an old Danish tradition, the “junk playground”, where discarded things – other people’s junk – will become the treasures, we need to build a festival and the foundation for a vibrant community.

We will meet once a week during the month of May, until it culminates with the Repair and Remake Festival on May 27. We have planned workshops on the following days, and the more you can join, the better:

Wednesday, May 11 16-19
Thursday, May 19 16-19
Tuesday, May 24 16-19
Friday, May 27 10-15 – Repair and Remake Festival

If you want to play along or wish to hear more about the project, get in touch with Mathias Poulsen from Design School Kolding:

Email: mp@dskd.
Phone: 25784125