I cry, I hope

Over the past years, I have become increasingly attentive to my own affective responses to things, all things, every thing. I am in the world, flesh and all, something happens, and I am moved, affected. I don’t know quite how to talk about this (affect theory is still quite puzzling to me), but I try.… Continue reading I cry, I hope

Facing Privilege

I just read Aaron Trammell’s new book, “Repairing Play – A Black Phenomenology“, and it’s a fascinating, compelling and important book that questions a lot of the assumptions about play we have come to take for granted. Trammell makes a stark critique of Huizinga’s proposal of play as a civilizing agent, of play as something… Continue reading Facing Privilege

Escaping Western Modernity

A PhD project is an unruly beast, twisting and turning, taking the novice scholar in many surprising directions (especially, perhaps, if the novice scholar prefers all the twisting and turning over the linear path). As my project has evolved, a suspicion has been growing, making me equal parts uneasy and intrigued. While my design experiments… Continue reading Escaping Western Modernity

Adults play, too

That title is almost too obvious for me to write, bordering on the plain ridiculous. Of course we do. Even so, I still regularly have to explain that I’m particularly interested in the (sometimes invisible or even ) play of adults. When I founded CounterPlay, I hoped to create a space where adults could meet… Continue reading Adults play, too

An open invitation

I recently wrote the first post about my upcoming PhD project, “Designing for Playful Democratic Participation”, which I’m extremely excited about. I ended the post with one of my Freire quotes and an invitation to play along: “For apart from inquiry, apart from the praxis, individuals cannot be truly human. Knowledge emerges only through invention… Continue reading An open invitation

Welcome to my PhD project

Welcome! With this first post, I kick off my PhD blog, where I aim to share news about my project, “Designing for Playful Democratic Participation”, whenever I can. The project starts on December 1st and will be situated in the Lab for Social Design at Designschool Kolding. In the project, I will explore play as democratic… Continue reading Welcome to my PhD project