Om deltagelsesmuligheder

I dette indlæg skitserer jeg muligheder for deltagelse i de eksperimenter, jeg kommer til at gennemføre i mit PhD-projekt, Designing for Playful Democratic Participation.

I won’t tell you what to do

The question is never answered, the answer is never complete, it’s a constant journey with no destination. No, we’re not there yet. That’s not something that frustrates me, on the contrary, it sparks my curiosity, keeps me on my toes…right up to the point where I suddenly have to pretend that there is an answer. Or a plan.

Drafting an experiment

This document describes an experiment I was planning for an event at Designschool Kolding, the DesignCamp 2021 – “Island Matters – Speculative Fabulations of Possible Futures”. Now the event is online, so I’m working on a different version, but for inspiration, I’ll share the initial draft here. “What if…” First, the “what if” statement for… Continue reading Drafting an experiment