Next Kids Tech 2011

Next Kids Tech 2011

Today, September 1th, I’m at the conference “Next Kids Tech 2011″ organized by The LEGO Foundation, where I’m doing a microtalk and two workshops. Like so many kids, I was happily spending a large amount of time playing with the fabulous LEGO-bricks when I was younger, and it’s thus a great pleasure to contribute to something LEGO’ish.

The workshop is a relatively short one, and I have focused primarily on facilitating hands-on experiences, letting participants try one or more games, which I believe can contribute in different ways to education. There’s an agenda along the following lines:

  1. Brief introduction
  2. Play session
  3. Discussion

The games I’ve chosen for the workshop:

Take a look at a couple of repositories with a wealth of games (some better than other, of course):


Games in education – wiki

Games for Change

Below is my combined microtalk & workshop presentation:

If you want to read more, I’ve written an introduction to game based learning for an upcoming handbook.


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