My 2012

My 2012

2011 is rapidly drawing to a close, and even though I’m knee-deep in unfinished business, I’ll quickly throw a few pointers for the year ahead of us.

I’m usually most keen to be looking forwards, but a quick glance at current projects might be relevant:

[list style=’1′] [li color=’#0000ee’]As some of you may know, I’ve been working with GameIT College in Grenaa, Denmark, for some time and happily continue this splendid tradition.  It’s a bunch of passionate, inspiring people working with games in so many different ways, that I’m at a loss describing it in brief. In short, it’s an upper secondary education, where we do our best to include games as frequently and as qualified as possible. [/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Springing from this longstanding collaboration, I’ve been enrolled in the project titled “Scandinavian Game Developers“, where we aim to explore and develop better possibilities for entrepreneurs in the game industry. Oh, and of course I couldn’t help but start tweeting – as @scangame.[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Since September, I’ve been working with Trine Juul Røttig and several other good people to “translate” the very inspiring twitter-phenomenon “edchat” into a Danish equivalent. Trine dubbed it #skolechat, and I quickly followed suit, made and since then we’ve been having weekly chats on issues related to education in Denmark[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]I’ll continue to be working with the terrific people in the Danish Game Council to explore how we can keep improving the way we write and talk about video games.[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]I’ve been working with the main public library here in Aarhus, experimenting with the role of games in the library, and I hope we’ll be able to keep collaborating in 2012 and beyond. [/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]We’ve been doing the initial groundwork for establishing a less fragmented, more transparent environment and network for people working with and interested in games in Aarhus and the middle region of Jutland. Without knowing the exact solution, we’ll keep working on this[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]I keep writing. I’ll never stop writing. Here on the blog, on other blogs, articles for relevant contexts, chapters and so on. I love writing. [/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Without knowing the frequency, I’ll also be giving a number of talks on games, digital media, learning, entrepreneurship and stuff like that, and I always welcome invitations to talk about things I’m interested in (and know a little about)[/li][/list]

Somewhere in between those exciting activities (and playing as many games as possible), I seem to have a little extra time (don’t ask where I found it). I could just choose to spend that time relaxing, of course, but that’s not really my style. Instead, I’d like to venture into new territory of some kind. I need to keep evolving, keep challenging myself, keep seeing the world from new perspectives.

Here’s an idea.

Why don’t you help me spend that time the best possible way?

I’m always up for a challenge, I love surprises, and I’m all for experimentation, so any suggestion is welcome. If you want inspiration, here’s some of the areas I would like to explore further – in random order:

[list style=’1′] [li color=’#0000ee’]Teacher education & supplementary training in relation to games, digital media etc[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Games & libraries[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Games & entrepreneurship[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Promoting sharing & transparency – anywhere[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Facilitating creative partnerships across organizational/disciplinary boundaries[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Developing games for learning (that is, no coding done by me)[/li] [li color=’#0000ee’]Designing work/learning more along the lines of good games (yes, call it gamification if you must, just remember, that it’s not about creating extrinsic rewards for stupid tasks. On the contrary, it’s about creating intrinsic motivation for meaningful tasks.[/li][/list]

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