Intro to game based learning

I’ve been happy participating in the EU-funded “Project GAMEiT” for quite some time, and now we’re in the final phase.

As one of our goals is producing an introductory handbook to the field of game based learning, I’m currently in the process of writing several chapters for this handbook.
One of my most challenging tasks is always identifying that which is not common knowledge in order to avoid becoming too esoteric when talking about games and learning. We all run this risk when diving deep into one or another field, and I keep reminding myself not to stay in the depths, but rather to frequently resurface. I’m obsessed with the idea of sharing knowledge, and I really wish to contribute to both broader and deeper insights regarding games – in general as well as in educational settings. My sharing only really makes sense, however, if I actually manage to step back and “borrow” the perspectives of others.

Project GAMEiT

I’m trying hard, but I’ll probably never be flawless in this aspect (or in any other, for that matter).

In addition to sharing, I have this ideal of being transparent in my work (and as a person as well). I hate hidden agendas, manipulation, secrets. I’m naive that way, but I’ll strive to stay like this.

Anyway, the sum of my rambling is that I like to expose my work and my thoughts and put them to the test before they’re finished (when is a thought ever finished – no, seriously? It’s all just one big process to me).

First chapterHere’s the first of my chapters for the handbook as a very rough draft with room for improvement. I’m also working on a more concrete one regarding game literacy and game development in education, which I’ll present soon.

Read if you like, and please comment – also (not least!) if you disagree, miss something, have questions or simply hate it:

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