The Hemingway App

I love to write.

Usually I end up experimenting with everything, including the language. Part of writing in English, for me, is improving, using and evaluating new words.

Why is that?

Well, I’m really curious, always striving to explore new approaches to writing.

I see writing as playing with words, exploring their relationships and meanings.

What happens when I use this word instead of that? How does it change the tone of my writing? The general meaning? How do I make my writing less serious, more playful, curious and fun?

Oftentimes, I’m wondering how I can become a better writer. I’m definitely not a native speaker, and while I write a lot in English, I have much to learn. In my few glimpses of realism, I know that I don’t have time to take a course, or otherwise engage in any kind of formal education.

This leads me to a place, where I hope I can improve simply by writing.

In a way this is my approach to most challenges these days – do stuff, reflect on stuff, learn stuff, change stuff.

That goes a long way, but it still leaves me with numerous questions. How to avoid the blind spots? How to see what I do wrong, when the nature of the problem is, that I don’t know it’s wrong? How to change the less appropriate habits and patterns?

Who knows – the Hemingway App might be (part of) what I need?

The Hemmingway App - my writing

It feels a bit like a game, with the constant feedback encouraging me to change words and sentences for more accessible writing. In doing so, I might become more reflective about the way I use the language.

More importantly, it feels playful.

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