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NFF, Oslo, November 2011

Here’s my presentation from the talk I gave at the NFF-conference in Oslo recently:

I was asked to talk about “gaming theory” and how games can inspire us to design better contexts for students’ learning.

GAMEiT, Copenhagen, October 2011

This was the presentation I gave at the GAMEiT Conference in Copenhagen on October 13th. I was mainly talking about “learning by producing” and how making games promote a host of skills and competences – and an understanding of the entrepreneurial process:

European Conference on Games Based Learning 2010

This is my talk from the European Conference on Games Based Learning 2010, where I presented based on the paper “Understanding the Game: An Examination of Ludoliteracy“:

IMAGINE, Prague, 2010

This is a short presentation I gave at a workshop in the IMAGINE (Increasing Mainstreaming of Games In Learning Policies) in June 2010: