Anything is possible

I’m stubbornly idealistic with a pinch of naivety. Surprisingly enough (at least to me), the older I get, the more I insist on pushing this to the forefront. When I was younger, I would tend to hide it away in some misguided attempt to be as society seemingly wanted me to: realistic, conscientious, ruly.

Sit still, do as you’re told, don’t make any trouble. That kinda stuff (I was never good at it, but I tried).

While I still have my lapses, I’m learning to stay confident in my belief that it’s important to be idealistic, to be naive, to dream of a better world and to pursue that dream.

I genuinely believe that anything is possible, but I need to occassionally remind myself:

Whenever you want to change things anywhere in society, you’ll get the feeling that it can’t be done, that things are set in stone.

Don’t believe that.

While it will take a lot of work over long periods of time, it is possible.

Say you want to change the world:

In the end, what’s the alternative?

If nothing else, the conviction that anything is possible will certainly make more things possible than the idea that nothing is possible.

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